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Bamboo Roll Up Blinds

Looking for a stylish window covering for your home or office? Try bamboo roll up blinds. These wood blinds are timeless, and provide a natural color and wood texture to your living environment.

Also known as a matchstick roll up blind, they often come with matching valences. Other benefits to bamboo rollup blinds are that they provide gentle, light filtering and environmentally friendly insulation properties.

These roll up shades are easily installed with a few basic tools, the average person can do the job in a few minutes.

Bamboo roll up blinds come in several colors, from natural bamboo to darker shades and widths to fit almost any window up to 5 foot wide. If you can't find the correct width in stock, most retialers will custom cut blinds to the exact width you need.

Bamboo roll up blinds will last for years if taken care of properly. They are durable, and hold up well to any damage that the sun can cause to other types of blinds.

Discount Bamboo Roll Up Blinds

There are plenty of places to find this type of blind at a discount - check out your local Lowes or Home Depot for some great deals. Installation is a snap with a tape measure, drill and screwdriver. Find economy bamboo roll up blinds at all major discount retialers, consult with specialty blind retailers if you need a higher end window covering - often the specialty shop can provide bulk discounts for your blind needs and can special order custom widths, lengths and colors.

Room Darkening Bamboo roll up blinds

These are hard to find since bamboo window blinds tend to be woven natural fibers consisting of bamboo. Sometimes the blinds are backed with a fabric or material to shield out more light. Room darkening bamboo roll up blinds can also be slightly higher in cost due to additional materials used to make them.

Outdoor Bamboo Roll Up blinds

Made to survive the elements, outdoor counterparts of the bamboo roll up blinds, great for shading decks and patios during the heat of the day. They provide a gentle filtered light as the sun goes down as well. The outdoor models will generally hold up well in the heat and extreme cold. They also generally come in widths up to 5 feet.

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